Renal Stone Treatment in Pune

The Pramodini Foundation is specialist hospital for Renal Stone offers Comprehensive treatment services in renal stones.

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Disease of Renal Stone

Renal Stone Treatment disease can be fluid and waste build up, which can be potentially deadly. Renal disease can be caused by diabetes, infections, high blood pressure, hepatitis, and other conditions.

A small tunnel is made from the skin into the kidney to locate the stone, before fragmentation and removal of the stone. Small keyhole incisions are made into the abdomen to enter the urinary system and remove the stone.

Symptoms include swelling, frequent urination, dry skin, fatigue, and many other signs. Treatments for renal disease include medications to control other conditions that can cause kidney disease, dialysis, and kidney transplants.

Renal Treatment Pune

Treatments for kidney stones are common than surgery. You may need one of these treatments if your pain is very bad, your stone is blocking the urinary tract.

ESWL uses shock waves that passes easily through the body but strong enough to break up a kidney stone. This is the most commonly used medical procedure for treating kidney stones.

The surgeon passes a very thin viewing tool the urinary tract to the stone’s location, and then he or she uses tools to remove the stone or break it up for easier removal.

Whether these treatments will work for you will depend on the size of the stone, its location in the urinary tract, and your overall health.