What is Bladder stone?

Bladder stones square measure exhausting lumps of minerals that may type within the bladder once it is not void of excreta. They will not cause any symptoms if they are sufficiently little to be passed out of the bladder once you pee.

Typical symptoms of bladder stones are frequent excreting, particularly throughout the night. lower abdominal pain. a burning sensation or pain within the duct once urinating.

Fast facts on bladder stones

Here area unit some key points concerning bladder stones. a lot of detail and supporting data are within the main article.

  • Bladder stones area unit commonest in men over the age of fifty
  • Underlying medical conditions area unit usually answerable for bladder stones
  • Symptoms of bladder stones embody an amendment excretory product color and pain once urinating
  • Bladder stones area unit rare in girls
  • Bladder stones will be a reason behind blood in the urine


Bladder stones might not turn out symptoms immediately. But, if the stone irritates the bladder, symptoms will embody the following:

  • Discomfort or pain within the phallus for males
  • More regular micturition or a stop-start flow
  • Starting a stream throughout micturition takes longer
  • Pain within the lower abdomen space
  • Pain and discomfort once urinating
  • Blood within the pee
  • Cloudy or abnormally dark pee

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